If you say that one more time, I swear!... Welcome all to the new Berch? page. Hopefully, this will become just a festerone of the things in life I appreciate most. If you want more normality, I suggest you look at some of the other, snappy Bigshoe offerings above.  
Jaguar checks in on March 25 with an open letter to Leary Nigel entitled I Nop Nos thers Is Nas Nuie
In January, Jazz received this rather odd note from a complete stranger.
Jaguar sends us a little love in Febuary with Kids on Acid
Delta asks the question all of us have on our minds in LOCATING BRETT
Rob G. shares a little late-night babble with Programming
Rose Hunt gives little Ever Feedback. Rose dear, you didn't give me a return address.
Ray Bode cut out this gem and sent it along to me.
This is one really convincing ad, let me tell you.




The Story of Ever.

bequethYeah, right! Like your page is some work of art....

Send mail to Luke about how dumb his Tarantino poster is (please)
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