Poster: Rob G.
Subject: Programming

  For later I write this.
  For when the time is right, this you may read and see.
  For it is then that from the world that you will be, hopefully, free.
  For later I give you this.
  A package, a letter, a random string or two, perhaps even a tale of
  forgotten lore.
  In these words may you find that which you have always sought for.
  For later I send you this.
  Wrapped tightly in delicate electronic lace of which origin I do not know.
  Upon opening, it will spill forth this message which I have written to you.
  Do I dare say to the the world that I truly see what is going on.
  Do I dare say that I know the truth. That I have the answers. That I could
  be the one to make it all better. I believe not.
  For I only see what they want me to see: a clouded vision of advertisements
  and instructions to serve them to their most profittable aspects. I am
  their pawn, their pet. Or more truthfully--their lab rat. A test subject to
  experiment with. A number on a database for research purposes. My reactions
  are the only interests that need recording. The verbal complaints can be
  erased. He knows nothing. Just ignore. So I crawl around in my cage, my so
  called world, only to find nothing but barriers put up by those in
  control. Tomorrow is the same and the day after as well. I can only pray
  that I may be a survior of this experiment. That perhaps I could be
  observed for a control group. But each day as the needle goes deeper to my
  heart and my mouth fills with that acrid tase of metal--I know. I know that
  I have been given the drug. The one that they hope will make us all
  march in unison and follow any command given. The perfect pet. I feel it
  instantly crawling slithering through my maze of veins, making its way to
  my brain where it will lay its egg and nestle in for the duration of my
  screaming insanity. As the egg hatches, a form, ghostly and etheral in
  appearance slowly climbs its way forth from the edges of the shell to meet
  its first cell. It is surprised at the lack of defense as it easily invades
  the the outer barrier, into the center where it now has control. A cell has
  a function and this function can be changed. A slight augmentation of DNA
  and now the cell glows blue as the changes take affect immediately. It
  glows with a new mission: make all others, that I may find, like me. So it
  crawls forward seeking its next victim. Our spirit from the egg has
  fullfilled its mission. It will only be a matter of time now. The spreading
  of its instructions grows exponentially. Each infected cell infects another
  and so on. Soon I feel the end may be near. My body now infected cannot do
  anything but that which it is told, by them, to do. My mind goes numb and
  an inner voice tells me to relax, you are at peace, you are happy, be one
  with us. I cannot turn away from the voice. I cannot cover my ears, for the
  voice is inside my head.
  It speaks for me now. I am them. I ask you to join me. Just take my hand
  and togther we shall be. You will be at peace. You will be happy. Join us.