Poster: Jaguar
Subject: Kids on Acid

Most kids have tried powerful drugs by the age of three. Those kids make
very skilled politicians. Many of those kids have grown over eighty-five
pounds of marijuana in a three point seven span of years not including an
exterior coating of tonsils and other vegatable matter that has accumulated
at third base of the armitron rest basin. "Othermostly spoken Cervil,"
replied Ghervis. 
Ghervis was known to spell in that strange and often innapropriate fashion
called "the masting". Drawing Cervil into the webs that no human has spun
was not a challenge for Ghervis. Escaping with sanity intact, and in time
to report back to his mother, was a problem urgently inavoidedly turgibly
denied futelessly not withstandingly turpid. "As well said to you, Cervil."
"Ghervy," as we all called him late at night when his guard was down and
slightly more approachable, "what time does the ship come tonight?".
Not tonight kid, hell, maybe never. I don't know.
But you said yesterday
Shut up Cervil! I'm thinking of how to draw them back in!
Oh. Well if
What the fuck did I just tell you Cervil!
Just that
Shut up!!
I was just going
Womp Womp Womp

Ghervis is the master baiter.