Poster: Jazz
Subject: What's up dude? IO am at the sandusky public library using my free e-mai

I M t            Iam at the public library using my free e-mail address.
                  I hope you get this message.  This piece of junk doesn't
            very well.  I f  I mess up on my typing, then i have to f just
keep going b
    goin because it doesn't allow me to erase.  That is cool that you are
going on the RUBICON trail.  i plan onlan  going when i get home.   did
tell you that i own a '74 fj-40 toyota landcruiser.  it has a chevy 350 in
it.  it has
it has huge tires ansd other aselllllll   awesome stoff.  (this computer
I haven't even seeen it yetr .  Everyone says that it is awesome.  i can;'t
wait until i can enjoy it . you'll have to show me some goood shops i can
take it to to fix it up real nice, like all of your vehicles have bveen.
well, i hope this gets to you.  if you can e-mail me beackjjjjj back at the
other address
other        i don't get over to the
library eno
enoiugh to check any mail here, i am in a walking area.
                   love, your couzy, ADAM