Poster: Jaguar
Subject: I Nop Nos thers Is Nas Nuie

Leary Nigel,

As the late Jimmy Hendrix was fond of saying, "Sometimes I smell like a nigger." Like a man that has no home, a man that feels no connection with the land, a man that has no conception of that connection.

Emerson, Lake ,and Palmer once said to a crowd of adoring fans, " Fuck off! All of you sonsofbitches!"

Now there is a Brass Lake imbedded in my brain. It hurts a little, sometimes, It is mostly just there. Inside me.

Getting time. It is like aquiring something from nothing, you know. That is a Duo (Das duo Hang time) retracement requirement.

Retracement of all interests likens one to a busy man (flim-flam man), or one such as few will ever know. Few of those men will ever exist.

Meddling and melding, retracement of old ideas creating fresh interpretations, the das duo will emerge refreshed and energized (and sorry it is over).