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Apr.98 updated

Some of you may have noted that this is been revised. To be honest, I give up on trying to have any sort of comprehensive data and would just refer you to Yahoo to get comprehensive listings, as well as I recommend doing the obvious thing. Most places will just have Also, you may notice that there is little below a 2.5 star. This is rated according to all the film sites I find, but to get here, you either have to rate at least a 2.5 with me or be a rare subject.

The last thing: We are not one of those 'open-a-new-browser-on-you' or "try-to-see-their-page-in-one-of-our-frames" akind of people, so if you are like to come back, bookmark us now or use our special mnemonic:
Big It Gets, Sure How Over Enzyme Should Dot Cold Over Man.

- Brett

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Quickie information.
Mr. Showbiz's Box Office numbers Check early in the week for weekend stats, later for more comprehensive stats.

Not just magazines, these are pages that regularly produce things worthy of surfing to.
MovieMaker Magazine In periodicals, content is key. This is great content, low flash, and not overly advertised.

Cyber Film School They try to be the complete film thing, having both resources and articles. They do a pretty good job in most places.

The American Film Institute They don't put much here, but it is always worthy. They are up a half this month with their cool article on Robert Wise.

Premiere Magazine You can argue that the content is superficial, but at least it's content. You can argue that it's polished to look like a magazine, but at least it's polished. And it's got Libby, and you can't argue with that. The drop a half star this month because their ads are getting out of control.

Variety It is business news. Not for the casual observer.

Box Office Magazine These guys seem to do in-depth on people that seem otherwise ignored.

FilmZone Four-star articles, but this page hasn't been updated since Trainspotting came out, so they will likely drop off the list entirely next month.

Film Reviewers
Just a couple off the main stream that might have missed your attention.
Mr. Cranky rates the movies. Not really so concern with rating them as ragging on them, often the results are embarassing if you are sitting in a cubicle. Best viewed after the film, not before.

Ian Williams His reviews are in the North Carolina Citysearch, but I suspect the movies are everywhere.

The Greatest Films A review from a historical standpoint. I was skeptical, but its not too shabby, really.

TV Guides movie section Nice mainstream reviews really help you figure out if you want to see a film, but the real fun is Quicktimes of the movie trailers.

Film Resources
Pages that try to help people make films.
MaxFilmPro It's all about helping you find filmmaking resources.

The Internet Movie Database (U.S. version) Specific info about most(all?) films, unfortunately getting buried under more advertising each day.

Bill's World of Resources for Writers. This covers all aspects of writing. More then just affects Screenwriting, but not to be missed.

MediaLawyer Film Festival Calendar It's difficult to say how comprehensive this is, because of my limited knowledge, but there are a lot here.

Kodak corporation I know this is a company selling their product, but their online information is exceptional, and it is very helpful.

Low Budget Special Effects Discussion It's just a place where people talk about how to do special effects for little money.

CineWEB's Film resources Find resources around the world. Skimpy info, but helpful nonetheless.

Just some pages that stand out.
The Film 100 100 of the most important people in film from all time.

Alfred Hitchcock Hitchcock, the master of suspense: A very comprehensive page, especially in the trivia department

Stanley Kubrick This page gets Kudos mostly for it's comprehensive set of links to other resources. A great place to start to learn of Kubrick

The Director's Cut A list of many directors and some information on them.

Super 8
Super8 links are hard to find, so I put all the decent ones I could in here.
Small Movies How cool is this page? Well, how many five stars do you see?

The Super 8 Home Page Probably the more complete Super 8 resource page

Super 8 Filmmaking Decent resource, good links, looks nice. There is more here then immediately hits the eye

Super 8 Filmmaking Some blather. A few good details. Perhaps it will grow....