Joe Williams


Here lies all that remains of the website of Joe Williams. The photo of Joe to the left is an older photo. He doesn't really look like that anymore. In fact, he is sitting in a rocking chair somewhere right now, aging very rapidly even as you and I read this haunting text together.

What is happening here?

Had you stopped by here much, much, much, much, much earlier, you would have found announcments about upcoming shows since Joe is a musician and songwriter, and there would also have been clippings from small newspapers saying nice things about him. You are late. That kind of content has not been present here for over four years. But there is every reason to believe that Joe will stand up one day and just start playing music again, because he keeps a song in his heart as anyone who knows him will tell you, so please try and check back here at least every four years.

Why am I still reading?

I'm reading because you were reading. It is unclear why you are here at all. Our web counter is not sophisticated enough to tell whether you arrived here by total accident, or because you were looking for Joe Williams, UK!. Or maybe you came here out of a sense of melancholy reminiscence after a night of drinking at the Cave, when you finally said to Jack Whitebread during a lull in your conversation, "Jack, what the hell ever happened to Joe... you know, the Squirrel guy?" Jack would know, of course, because Joe just saw Jack in April 2006 in Joe's pilgrimage to touch the back door of the Cave. Jack would have then told you that Joe has been living in Texas for many years, but has finally returned to NC now that his sentence has been served in full.

©2006 Joe Williams