The Treatise on the
(mis)Title of Ever.

The words of
The title of a creative project should serve three
purposes: As a label for the project, as a
reflection of or reference to the project, and as
a creative entity in itself or in its relation to the
project. To that end, we have the Film
currently titled Ever. This is a subtle look at
a woman who destroys anything for which she
forms an attachment. One such example is a
friend of hers named Evelyn who has disappeared,
according to our heroine, to Africa. To title this project
"Evelyn Goes To Africa" would suggest much that has nothing to do with the
story or even the theme of the film. Upon viewing the film, this will become
immediately apparent to the audience. However, the dialogue in which it is
revealed that Evelyn has gone to Africa would have a special subtle significance.
It would act as a clue to the underlying theme which has not yet been fully
revealed. And after the story has completely unfolded, the viewer would be
more likely to reflect upon the character of Evelyn and perhaps draw different
conclusions for her fate. Thus, the third aspect of the
Title would come into play.

It would, of course, make things a little more campy. If the
actual working title of the project had been "Evelyn Goes To
Africa", perhaps you might expect to see outtakes of a terrified
and freezing Ben prostrate beneath the swaying girth of the
THING, or an annoyed Brett James pulling frozen Snickers bars
out of the hands of Jon Daw or even the countless takes of Jim walking over to Luke's oil
painting in all the wrong ways during the credits.

That's some stuff I just said about that.

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