So, because of little choice and through much help, Ever got finished. Then, to my complete amazement, nothing amazing happened.

I premiered it on Dec. 4th to a private audience of friends and
cohorts in a rented theater. Afterwards, we had two big parties and little sleep. People from all over the country and my history came in to see it. It was nice and everyone said they enjoyed the film.

I applied to almost fifty festivals, but the film only got into one. And that was in Ottawa, Canada. which is not so close to home. I had lots of fun in Ottawa, but Ever didn't do very well there.
Nevertheless, after five hours of fighting...
This lack of excitement surrounding the film was dissappointing, but I take my solace from the fact that I like the film. If other people don't care for it, I can think it wasn't their style or they didn't take the time to get with what I was trying to do. I know it was well done, both technically and artistically. It was just one part a little strange and another part not strange enough.

I am sitting on Ever, hoping there will someday be a new interest in it, possibly based on my own future work. We'll see.
...and four trips to the salad bar each... But I am happy because I did just what Rob said I could do: I learned about film by making a film. And even though I am still stuck with my day job, I feel that silent perseverance will someday get me where I want to be (or die trying). I am tempted to say it will be Cold War,
because I think it is a great film, but I said that about Ever, and nothing happened with it.

But, then again, that is why this is the story of the making of
a film that you never heard of.

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...they decided they had too much in common to keep beating on each other. The End.